Sixteen – What Do You Actually Eat?

My tongue still hurts from yesterday’s nuclear hot soup. Totally my own fault – no self-control. In fact it may have been Jeri’s fault for making her soup too tasty. Yes she’s obviously the one to blame here.

This morning, 9am at work someone offered me a Cadburys Chocolate Finger. Firstly – who eats straight up chocolate for breakfast? I understand chocolate cereal but a chocolate finger is a bit much. Secondly – she was shocked by my decline. I explained to her that for the month of September I’m Gluten-free & Vegan & that a Cadburys Chocolate Finger not only brakes the rules but pretty much fudges all over them. To say the least she looked at me like I was an alien – ‘what do you actually eat then?’ I believe people tend to think if you cut out meat, dairy, & wheat you are left with very little – but really you aren’t. Just think outside the box a little – vegetables are just the start of the varieties of foods I can eat. I told her my food plans for the day – to say the least she did not look impressed. However I could not wait.

This morning I had more Kallo Organic Wholegrain Breakfast Puffs but this time I went crazy & mixed in a few Whole Earth Organic Corn Flakes. Talk about painting the town red. Lunch was just as exciting. Salad with carrot & cucumber batons, radishes & a roasted pepper & guacamole sandwich. With a cheeky little after lunch banana – I love bananas. I love bananas just as much as I love cheese. Bananas & cheese are almost like the top of the range food – the Ferrari of the food world. Maybe it’s because they’re both yellow. Come to think of it a lot of good food is yellow – corn on the cob, pineapple, butternut squash, polenta… Cake is kind of yellowy too isn’t it? Cake is great.

I’ve totally gone off subject. Bananas. I know eating too much of the same thing can be bad for you – even if it’s fruit. Being the foodaholic I am I decided to investigate. Let’s play ‘Did you know’

Bananas are loaded with healthy nutrients, they are a good sources of vitamins & minerals, it improves cardiovascular health, brain & kidneys. They are low in fat & sodium but high in potassium. Bananas also contain 3 natural sugars, sucrose, fructose & glucose. They have loads of fibre so they provide an amazing energy boost. They also contain tryptophan – a type of protein. The body converts tryptophan into serotonin – this helps relaxation, improve moods & creates the feeling of happiness. They’re also recommended as a great hangover cure – personally this is my favourite fact so far. Finally did you know that bananas & their skin can be pureed & turned into a great skin or hair mask.

I had a pretty rough day at work today – a lot of annoying things happened that could have been easily avoided. Then at 5pm Pizza Hut text me with a half price pizza offer. I would have lapped up a half price pizza. So I was pretty grumpy.

I invited my frolleague Simon round for dinner – mainly so I had someone to vent to about my rubbish day. Dinner was Super Green Pesto Pasta. I was going to take a picture to show how amazing it was but I was so hungry I inhaled it & totally forgot. It might be blamed on the half a bottle of wine I consumed while I was cooking – like I said I had a hard day & wine provides a great comfort. I also made cabbage soup for lunch tomorrow, I had a little taste & it was great – but I hear wine changes your taste buds. So maybe I should make that judgement tomorrow.

Nonetheless the food I have had today was amazing. So who should judge me. Great food, good wine, all Gluten-free & Vegan. I know I’m only two weeks in but life can’t get much better than this. So take a spoon full of grumpos for breakfast & shut the fudge up.


  1. I like this entry the best. Particularly now I know how much you love cheese. And the banana facts are awesome!


      1. i found a recipe for vegan cheese. shall we make it ourselves?? todays blog cheered me greatly. it must have endorphins in it…


      2. Haha! Brilliant.
        Maybe my company also has endorphins because it also seems to be after you have spent time with me.
        I’m too good haha.

        Yes. I am all over making Vegan cheese, as long as it’s gluten free too!! =]


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