Fifteen – Half Way.

Monday is weigh day. Weigh day was not great. I have lost half a pound – making me nine stone, three & a half pounds. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a great result. I have done no exercise since last Sunday – I ruined my body at the Charity Boot Camp & then I was horribly ill. This week was not a good week for fat burning. Plus I ate half a pack of Doves Farm Organic Cocoa Crunch Cookies last night. They were good – not great. I expect cookies to be chewy – I know it says crunch in the name, but these were more like biscuits & not chocolatey enough. Overall nice, but I feel a little cheated.


For breakfast I tried Kallo Organic Wholegrain Breakfast Puffs with Almond Breeze Milk. I don’t usually have cereal. I feel I don’t really get a good amount of food for the small portion of cereal & high intake of calories. The bowl was pretty full & was a small 108 calories & I felt satisfied. Everything I have tried by Kallo I have really enjoyed. I decided to check out their website ( to see what else they do. It turns out they are owned by Wessanen – a small company that uses natural ingredients for healthy food & aim to look after the planet. Kallos sister companies under the Wessanen umbrella are Clipper, Whole Earth & Almond Breeze. All products that I love – as if I didn’t know this? It made me really happy. I think I might go old school kid style & make dark chocolate rice crispy cakes – thinking big.

Lunch was a bit of a cheat – I went to the gym this morning. Mainly because I felt guilty at the shy amount of pounds lost. So I didn’t really have time to make anything nice – just a salad – hold the dressing & plenty of olives. Followed by peaches & a Nakd Apple Crunch bar. This was yummy! I have bought every type of Nakd bar & I can’t wait to inhale each one of them.

nakd apple

Tonight I dined out. I say ‘out’ my friend Jeri cooked up a storm for me & a couple of chums. They all had to suffer a Gluten-free Vegan meal because of me. As I was sitting in the living room the smell coming from the kitchen was amazing. Jeri had gone all out. Starter involved Onion & Potato Soup with homemade Potato Wedges. It was so good I couldn’t wait for it to cool down & burnt my tongue – rookie error. Jeri also told me that this soup is filled with endorphins because she was sad & after just one mouthful of the soup she was overjoyed with emotions.

Potato & Onion Soup

The main course was Roasted Stuffed Marrow & Mushroom with a Red Pepper & Tofu Sauce accompanied by Red ‘Blood’ Rice. Everything about this meal was splendid & so healthy. The sauce was sweet & complemented the Marrow & the rice just looked really cool.

Marrow & Rice

Finally for the grand finale – Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes with Red Berries & Swedish Glace Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s a good job I’ve got this new found love for Kallo – I honestly cannot stuff my face with enough of this loveliness. You’ll be glad to hear the ice cream also helped my burnt tongue – so I had double helpings.

Rice Cakes Berry Delight

Now I’m in some sort of food coma – this is the best meal that has been made for me since turning Gluten-Free & Vegan 15 days ago. There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate the half-way point than plenty of lovely food & great company.

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