Fourteen – Vegans Are Hippies?

I know I said I wasn’t going to drink last night. Well let me let you in on Hana language. When I say ‘I’m not going to drink’ it actually means I’m only going to have two or three. Which I did – I’m a lady of my own word. However… turns out when you haven’t really eaten very much in the last 48 hours & most of the things you have consumed have managed to come back out the way they came. Two or three drinks can do quite a lot of damage. All in all – I was quite the tipsy girl last night.

Nonetheless, I managed to stay away from anything that is considered naughty. Well done me. Funnily enough something interesting did happen – a learning curve that made me think. I was out in the smoking area chatting away when a group of people decided they wanted to be my friend. They asked the usual questions; name, job, hobbies, what a pretty little thing like me was doing in a place like this. Okay I jest on the last one – but you get the gist. One of the guys asked me to tell him something interesting about myself. My answer? ‘I’ve been a vegetarian for eight years & for September I’ve decided to go Gluten-fee & Vegan’. This started up a whirlwind of a conversation – mainly a lot of ‘why on earth are you doing this?’ However the main thing that shocked them & took me by surprise when they mentioned it ‘you don’t look like a Vegan’. At the time I just laughed it off ‘I left my tie-dye & dreadlocks at home – thought I’d shave my legs for a treat as it’s pretty warm out’ – I know what you’re thinking. I’m pretty witty when I’ve had a drink. This morning it crossed my mind again. I don’t look like a Vegan? Do Vegans really have ‘a look’ Brad Pitt is Vegan – in my opinion he’s pretty hot. So unless all Vegans are hot – which I’m sure they’re not – I’m certainly not looking my best this morning. Then it’s not one size fits all.

I decided to google this – to see if anything came to light. Nothing could really explain this link a part from a few random people’s opinions – that honestly kind of made me laugh. They seem a bit over exaggerated – but it kind of gives you an idea.

Vegetarians Hippies? Vegan HippiesHate Vegans


Secondly – I don’t really like talking to strangers about being Vegetarian – I find some people have tunnel vision & I’d rather not get into a debate on a night out. To me – being vegetarian is kind of like a religion – keep up with me here. To be Vegetarian, there is a standard set of morals, traditions & beliefs that have to be followed. It’s more than just a diet, it’s lifestyle choice. Much like being Christian – without the God bit – I’m not saying I worship some sort of Pig God. But there is something/someone that is believed, followed, practised in everyday life – do you get my point? Now I’m not religious – not even a little bit. I mean I like the idea of Buddhism – it sounds lovely – but if you think I’m crazy enough to fudge off my loved ones to sit under a tree for forty days meditating then you’re just as crazy as him. Back to the point – I’m not religious & I don’t want people to throw their religion in my face. So why would I stuff my ‘religion’ into anyone else’s? In an ideal world – I’d love everyone to not eat meat – or at least eat less but I know that’s never going to happen. I’m not going to waste my breath telling every Tom, Dick & Hazza why I think that this way of life is not only a healthier option, better for the environment & a disgusting way to treat animals – okay now I sound like a hippie. I’ll stop there.

So let me tell you about my food choices today – not quite as healthy as planned but nonetheless delicious. Breakfast was a black coffee with two Peanut Butter Cookies – the ones Jeri & I made the day before. Really not the healthiest of breakfasts but they were there tempting me with their lovely smells. I am weak. Lunch was another black coffee, Duskin Pure English Apple Juice – locally grown & organic. Ingredients? Just apples – it tasted better than any brand I’ve had. Finally a slice of seeded bread – toasted & I treated myself to the Brazil Nut Butter. This was amazing – it was so nutty – nuttier than Peanut Butter. All of my lunch was purchased from Wholefoods. I wish there was a Wholefoods closer to where I live – actually do I? I’d spend most of my time there & probably end up the size of a small house.


There’s my lunch with Doctor Who in the background – it might look like I eat teeny-tiny amounts of food – but I honestly I don’t. My trick is to eat small amounts of lots of things that way you can totally get away with scoffing more types of food without being a total fatty. This trick didn’t quite happen with my Duskin Apple Juice. My downfall was bringing the whole bottle into my room. It disappeared down my throat in one sitting. If I had brought in the Brazil Nut Butter & a spoon the same thing would have happened. In fact I wouldn’t have needed a spoon, I’d have just shoved my face into the pot.

Apple Juice Gone

Dinner was Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza with Polenta & carrot chips. I love chips. It’s like a little weakness of mine – I don’t know why – most of the time they taste disgusting. Like cardboard. I think it’s because they’re naughty – good girl gone bad complex. However, it’s not only ‘naughty’ chips I like – I like turning healthy vegetables into chips. It like I’m tricking myself into thinking I’m being naughty when I’m actually just eating a carrot. I would recommend this to anyone that wishes to lose weight & loves a good french-fry. Firstly, make them yourself & put them in the oven with your favourite seasonings. It’s not hard to grad a potato & slice it. Secondly, mix it up time to time – potatoes can be a little carby – why not throw a sweet potato into the mix. Why stop there; parsnips, carrots, swede, anything that when roasted holds it shape & goes crispy – perfect for dipping into sauce.

For dessert I’m pretty much spoiled for choice. I have Doves Farm Organic Cocoa Crunch Cookies that I’m considering noshing down while I catch up on last night’s X Factor. See I’m totally not a hippie. How many hippies do you know that watch Doctor Who & X Factor? Exactly!

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