Thirteen – My Trip To Wholefoods.

This morning I woke up still feeling pretty peaky after yesterday’s illness. However, I was greeted by two great text messages. The first text was from my frolleague Emma ‘I’ve got what you had, been sick all night and this morning’ – okay so that’s not great news I know. Sorry for passing on my illness Emma. However, it confirms that it wasn’t my cooking or my new Gluten-free vegan lifestyle that made me ill. It was in fact a horrible bug. Hooray!

The second text was from my friend Jeri ‘Hey, my plan fell through today, we can go Cheltenham if you’re feeling better? X’ – brilliant news. Visiting Cheltenham meant only one thing for me. My first ever visit to Wholefoods.


Walking into the store was like all my Christmases hitting me square & hard in the face at one time. The fruit & vegetable aisles were the most colourful shelves I’d ever seen in my life. Vegetables that were colours I’d never even seen before. I filled my trolley with so many goodies. Guacamole, local apple juice, Brazil nut butter, peanut butter, falafel, coconut water, a giant cabbage, fresh coffee, giant corn, brownies, chocolate cookies, the list goes on. All Gluten-free & vegan of course.


My favourite purchase? Gluten-free vegan sliced seeded bread – freshly baked. As soon as I got home, I toasted a slice & inhaled it. It tasted great – it might be because I hadn’t eaten anything all day as I didn’t want to upset my delicate stomach – but I didn’t care. The moment I put the first corner into my mouth – my life couldn’t have gotten much better. I hadn’t quite realised how much I’d missed bread until a couple of days ago. This seeded sliced fresh loveliness definitely filled the gap, put a smile on my face & gave me my appetite back. Simple things.

Jeri had suggested a great idea – to bake peanut butter cookies. We gathered together all the ingredients & threw them into a bowl. They turned out more like biscuits but they were amazing I polished off two in a very short amount of time. Another recipe to add to the collection.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Dinner was a light one – as I didn’t want to upset my stomach too much. Roasted pepper burger with polenta chips & guacamole – that I had purchased earlier that day. It was the tastiest guacamole I have ever had – amazing. By this point of the day I was certain things couldn’t get much better…

I did a little research when I had ten minutes to spare from my busy day of shopping & baking. I heard that there were such things as Vegan/Vegetarian Festivals. Googling away, I found that most of them were in America. Until I found one – VegFest ( in London on the 27/28th September. Not only was it soon but I had already planned to visit my friend in London that weekend. Talk about fate. It looks like there’s a lot going on – food stalls, talks, recipe shows & plenty of things for me to droll over. Tickets booked & I’m really looking forward to it.

Now I’m off to my friends’ house. It’s a weekend & as you know I’m fond of drinking. However tonight I will not be participating in alcoholic beverages as I don’t think my stomach can hack it. I know right, doesn’t sound like me, but I’d rather get better sooner rather than later.

So no hungover cravings tomorrow – instead I’m hoping for another healthy food day ready for my ‘weigh-in’ on Monday.

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