Twelve – Today Was Not A Good Day For Food.

Today was supposed to be a good day for food. I had everything planned out. Banana Bread – with Meridian Hazelnut Butter & blackcurrant jam for breakfast with Almond Breeze Iced Cappuccino. Lunch was going to be Gluten-free Vegan bread – as you know I was really looking forward to this. The filling was going to be Grano Vita Vegetable Pate & a fresh tasty salad. This didn’t happen.

This morning – 2am I woke up with terrible stomach cramps – in fact I’d never heard such gurgling come from my stomach. I spent the next 4 hours hanging my head over the bathroom toilet – you get the picture. I managed to get back to sleep at 6am & my alarm went off at 7am ready for work. Followed by more throwing up I decided that work was not a good idea today.

Can you remember when you were a child & you had a sick day. Mine always consisted of watching day time TV, reading comics & playing on my Gameboy – no parents around so I had free run of the house. Turns out sick days when you’re an adult are not as fun – I was bored, I had no company, every time I moved I thought I was going to throw up & I got terrible back ache from constantly lying down. Not fair – everything is much better when you’re a child.

Lying in bed – bored as ever & I considered what could have made me ill. Conclusion – it couldn’t have been anything I ate. Dinner last night was leftovers from the night before, a part from the addition of cheese & I can’t imagine it would be that. A bug seems to be going round at the moment – a friend of mine that I had seen previously in the week suffered from the same thing – he’s the one to blame. However too much thinking about food did not make me feel great. So instead I slept – I slept for 9 hours – briefly woke up to throw up a little more & tried to eat something. Obviously when you’re ill, you go to the ones you love the most. I called my Mommy… She told me I needed Vitamin C, sugar & salt. In no rush to grab an orange & dip it into a sugar salt combo. I opted for a banana & peanut butter milkshake – with almond milk of course. It was a challenge to consume – but once I’d drank it I started to feel better.

When it got to 6 o’clock – I had very little energy & I decided I needed to eat – even if I had to force myself. I couldn’t bring myself to cook & I didn’t have any ‘easy meals’ in. So I googled take away food – I found out that plain fries from a take-away are normally Gluten-Free – they come in frozen & they fry them – a picture of health. A take-away near me does a range of disgusting stodgy greasy foods – I gave them a call & explained my dietary requirements & I was assured I’d be able to eat their fries. So I did.

Right now I feel pretty gross – but slowly eating cardboardy greasy fries has given me enough energy to write about my terrible day. I also found out that ginger biscuits & green tea can settle a stomach. It just so happens I bought Tesco Free-From Ginger Biscuits yesterday. If I can manage it, I might treat myself to one. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will have something interesting to say. Maybe I’ll even get to eat my bread…

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