Eleven – I Considered Chopping Off A Limb For Cheese.

Oh. My. Fudge. The Banana Bread was amazing! I popped it in the microwave for thirty seconds & covered it in Meridian Hazelnut Butter & blackcurrant jam. It was really filling. I brought a few mini chunks in for the frolleagues & they soon disappeared. I even gave some to the bunnies for breakfast as a special little Thursday treat – it was nibbled & gone in seconds. Another success & an addition to my recipe collection.

Banana Bread Bunnies

I had my last bowl of ‘Hulk Juice’ today – it was good – but to be honest I’m glad it’s gone, having a fifth bowl of it tomorrow may have been slightly taxing. I know what you’re probably thinking… why I didn’t freeze a couple of portions & save them for the coming weeks. Answer is; I was too lazy to wash up my tupperware & I only had one clean tub. So it was four servings in a row or do my washing up. I chose the lazy option.

I stalked the aisles of Tesco this afternoon looking for Vegan cheese. Worcester high street shuts down at 5.30 – I wouldn’t get there in time after finishing work. So the health stores such as Holland & Barrett & Revital Health Store are already closed. The supermarkets I have checked so far do not do vegan cheeses. I really wanted cheese. I assumed Tesco would be like all the supermarkets & not have much of a selection. Wow – was I wrong. I got cheddar cheese, cream cheese, iced coffee, crème-brulee yogurt, ginger biscuits & bread. Yes – I finally found Gluten-free Vegan bread – DS Gluten-free Brown Ciabatta. I think I could have cried – believe me I’m not a big crier but pass me the tissues. I saw the bread selection & thought I’d give it a quick glance – I was almost certain I wasn’t in luck. When there they were – brown rolls – no mention of eggs or dairy products & it clearly stated Gluten-free on the front. I danced straight to the checkout. I’ve never been a     fan – but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy walking round a supermarket. I was like a kid in a candy store.Fauxballs

Yesterday I inhaled my dinner & forgot to take a picture – I made sure to remember today. Get a load of fauxballs in your face. You can’t really see the fauxballs because I covered them in cheese. I can assure you they are good. The Free-from No Soya Cheddar Cheese was pretty good. It could have been stronger & it didn’t melt as much as I’d have liked it to – but I was so desperate for cheese. I’d have seriously considered chopping of a leg for just a slice of Edam.

Banana Bread & Cheese

My frolleagues Simon came over to hang & eat dessert. I had a slice of Coffee Chocolate Chip Brownie. He on the other hand had Banana Bread with cheese (real cheese – with milk). That is pretty weird right?


Tomorrow for lunch I’m going to make my own sandwich with my sexy special bread… I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a sandwich before – I don’t even know what I’m going to have as a filling. I’m overwhelmed with just the bread. It feels like Christmas Eve night & I’m going to go to bed early just so it’s closer to banana bread breakfast & sandwich lunch time. Tomorrow is going to be an extra special day.

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