Ten – Getting Vegucated.

I’m one third of the way through my challenge. It’s nice hitting these milestones. Next it’ll be the half way stage on the 15th September. That’s only 5 days away. This month is flying by.

Today has been a toughie of a day, I didn’t get the best sleep last night, so I’m pretty tired (did you know if you have less than eight hours sleep a night you are more likely to over eat on junk food the next day to try & regain energy). Work has also been particularly busy today. In some ways that’s a good thing because I have to concentrate more so I don’t think of all the food I’d like to eat. However it does mean when I get home I just want to pig out, eat naughty things, fall face first in a takeaway & bath in wine. So much wine.

So let me tell you what I did eat today – because I know you’re dying to hear itClearsprings rice cakes with Meridian Hazelnut Butter for breakfast, ‘Hulk Juice’ for lunch. A range of healthy snacks – banana, raspberries, pineapple, Asda Soya Peach Yoghurt & Graze slightly salted popcornI love popcorn – I’ve washed my hands several times since eating it & they still smell popcorny-delicious.

I decided not to go home & crash out on top of a greasy take away. Instead I got productive – another frolleague of mine, Emma, gave me a Gluten-Free Vegan recipe for banana bread. At last something else I can enjoy for breakfast. I have decided to save my first slice for tomorrow morning – a bit risky – but I still have plenty of Coffee Chocolate Chip Brownie left for dessert.

Banana Bread

As for dinner that was another total success! On Sunday – if you remember – I made a nut roast. I made far too much & I decided to freeze about two thirds of the mixture. I turned these into meatballs… fauxballs? If that’s not already a portmanteau that’s in use I’m copyrighting it. I had spaghetti & fauxballs. It was amazingly tasty – but it really needed cheese, I had no dairy-free cheese, this made me a little bit sad. The halloumi cheese in the fridge was calling me. I resisted & instead I had a glass of wine, or half a bottle – but I deserved it.Vegucated

While I was making my Banana Bread I decided to watch a guerrilla-style documentaryVegucated (2010) based on three American meat & dairy lovers. They agree to try Veganism for 6 weeks. This documentary is educational but emotionally moving as you watch the three individuals deal with the ups & downs of a dramatic diet change. Reality hits when they uncover areas of animal agriculture that is rarely seen – the harsh truths – how animals raised for food actually get treated. At the end of the documentary not only have they achieved their goals of losing weight & the health benefits they decide that a vegan/vegetarian diet is the choice for them. An inspiration & gritty watch. I would recommend this to anyone as it’s certainly a learning curve for anyone thinking about going Vegan – like me. Let me warn you it’s not an easy going film to watch.

Time for Coffee Chocolate Chip Brownie. Fauxballs, wine & coffee brownie… I’m pretty much living the dream. I can see those two pounds I lost last week creeping back up on me. Tomorrow morning I’ll go for another run. Then I’ll probably miss my train; that seems to be a regular occurrence these days but that’s a story for another day. Then I’ll reward myself with banana bread & maybe more Coffee Chocolate Chip Brownie for lunch…

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