Nine – A Gluten-Free Lifestyle Is Expensive.

Well I ended up having porridge for breakfast. Boring, boring porridge. I usually have it with almond milk & Meridian Hazelnut Butter – but I thought I’d add a shot of espresso to spice it up a little. It still tasted boring. No matter what I do with porridge it’s always going to taste boring. So why no waffles? They were a disaster – I have made Gluten-free Vegan waffles before. This time I forgot to add a teaspoon of oil to the mixture – who’d have thought such a small ingredient would make such a massive difference. It tasted like doughy egg – which was really weird considering there was no egg involved.

I’m starting to get annoyed at breakfast – oddest sentence ever? I love breakfast – it’s a great meal.  However I get fed up of the same thing every day – I’m already bored of porridge & this is only the second time I’ve had it since this challenge started. I don’t want to get bored of banana smoothies or rice cakes. So thanks to a google search ( I soon plan on trying pancakes, tofu scrambled eggs, waffles (successfully this time). Hopefully I’ll find Gluten-Free Vegan bread & I could try some sort of French toast. I know right – I’m thinking big.

I don’t think I’ve explained my love for almond milk. You’re in for a treat. In my opinion almond milk is much better than soya milk. It is a natural source of calcium, which is essential for a healthy diet. It has a higher fat content than soya milk, but it’s good fats & it is less starchy therefore it’s lower in calories. Personally I drink Almond Breeze Unsweetened which is 14 calories per 100ml. Compared to 22 calories in Alpro Soya Milk & 46 calories in average semi-skimmed milk. It also contains omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids – which reduce blood pressure & cholesterol. These are just a few great facts about almond milk, no need to thank me.

Another lunch & another bowl of ‘Hulk Juice’ – & fudge me did it start a conversation… good & bad comments. Questions were asked as to why I was doing this challenge & how I was finding it. I explained so far it was easier than what I expected – but expensive. Gluten-free food costs a lot of money. My frolleague Lou said that she only ever buys Gluten-free products when they’re on offer. I can totally understand why – Asda sell four large fresh bread rolls for £1. Four Gluten-free bread rolls are £2.50 – over double the price & the most painful thing – they’re tiny.

Lou also mentioned this life-style choice may become strenuous. In my opinion it’s not time-consuming to be Gluten-free & Vegan, it is time consuming to change your diet. However Lou has a husband & a two year old daughter as well as a full time job – time for her is precious enough as it is – why would you want to spend an extra half an hour cooking when that time could be spent with your family. It’s a shame that having a healthier lifestyle can’t be made easier & affordable in today’s modern & health conscious society. Me on the other hand – the lonely spinster that will probably be known as ‘old crazy rabbit lady’ one day – which to me isn’t a bad thing – has no one & nothing to care for or spend money on a part from myself. So filling my time cooking & researching food is actually quite enjoyable.

I have just finished making Coffee Chocolate Chip Brownies. They have turned out so much better than my disaster waffles. I can’t wait; anything that I don’t scoff tonight will be given to friends & frolleagues a.k.a the guinea pigs. The real test – to see if they notice the difference.

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  1. Porridge can get boring quickly, but have you tried over night oats? 1 cup of oats and 2 cups of milk of your choice, then ram it full of good stuff! you could use nut butters, fruits, seeds, chocolate chips..
    Having a vegan and gf diet can be a full time job when you first start. but once you find the things you like and get used to cooking and baking with new ingredients it soon becomes a lot less time consuming – have a lovely day! xxx


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