Eight – Happy Anniversary.

Today I have been Gluten-Free & Vegan for a whole week. Congratulations to me! It sounds silly but so far I’ve really enjoyed it – the tough bits included. I’ve realised no matter your dietary needs. You’re never going to starve.

On the 1st September – the first day of my challenge I weighted 9 stone 6. Today I weigh 9 stone 4. So I’m two pounds lighter. Considering I’m not really pushing my hardest to lose weight I think that’s a really good start.

I can’t eat breakfast when I first wake up, I need to wait a couple of hours – so I always eat when I get to work. This morning I was supposed to have porridge with almond milk & hazelnut butter but I left it in the fridge – clever me. Luckily I had Clearspring Rice Cakes in my desk draw – two of those with hazelnut butter & black coffee & I was ready to start the day.

Hulk Juice

So here is my homemade soup – I have named it ‘The Hulks Juice’. Genius recipe name – even though it looks more like pond water. It was fresh & super tasty with a kick of fresh chili; my favourite bit – it actually tasted healthy too. Expect to see this recipe up soon. After lunch, cakes were put out at work – it was my bosses’ birthday.

Wheaty Dairy Treats

It is so unfair that people have their Birthdays when I can’t enjoy these tasty snacks. I really, really, really wanted the Belgium bun. I’d have considered chopping off my left arm for just one bite – I couldn’t even bring myself to sniff it like I normally would. I would have smushed my face in it. I guess I’m allowed to do that… right? Rubbing my face in the food I can’t have isn’t the same as eating it… Depending on how desperate I get next week I could be talking about my pizza-filled bath times.

Tonight I’m having dinner with my friends Paul & Jen. We cooked up vegetable risotto & tried Cheezly No Soya Cheddar Cheese & it wasn’t that bad. It had an oaky taste to it so it was quite strong & because of this it is the best Vegan cheese I’ve tried so far. Paul is gluten-intolerant – not a fake like me. He asked me if I was likely to carry on with this diet after the month is over – truth be told I’m not really sure yet. I know that having a gluten free diet is hard work, but it is a healthier & less stodgy way of life. As far as staying vegan – this to me is a much harder & moral decision. Something that I have already struggled with for a while – therefore it will take a lot more thought. Oh dear – this is getting a little too deep – it is a Monday night after all. On that note I’m going to make waffles for dessert. I’m hoping there will be enough left over so I can have one for breakfast tomorrow, that porridge will have to wait another day…

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