Seven – The Search For Gluten-Free Vegan Bread.

This morning I woke up fresh – probably because, for the first Sunday in a while, I wasn’t hungover. My friend Jen & I headed over to Worcester Gym Alternative to take part in Bootcamp for a Cause ( It involved lots of different sets of exercises – by the end of it, I was panting for breath & feeling pretty sweaty. Considering it was my first time, I did a good job keeping up with everyone else that had done it before.

Shopping list in hand, I decided to head to Sainsbury’s Worcester for a change – I wanted to check out their Free-From section. I had high hopes but these were dashed as the selection was worst then Asdas. I wanted to try Gluten-free bread but they all contained egg – no dice. However, one item caught my attention – Gluten-free & vegan pesto. I love pesto, this is something I’m looking forward to trying this week.

Strangely enough, I had been told Poundland sold Free-From items so I thought while I was in town I’d see if this was true. It turns out Free-From items was more like item – Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes. I tried one – it was so nice I tried another one, you know just to make sure & for a pound there’s nothing to complain about.

After my morning of exercise, eventful shopping trip & quick visit to the pub – it sounds like all I do is drink but I can promise you on this occasion I just had water. I was starving. It’s Sunday – that only means one thing…Sunday Roast. It’s like a Vegans dream & nightmare in one, all those vegetables ruined by meatiness. Obviously the meat was a no no so I decided to make a nut Roast. I have made this quite a few times – with breadcrumbs. As Sainsbury’s did not have any suitable bread, I found the next best thing – Mrs Crimble’s Home Bake Breadcrumbs Mix. Gluten-free & Vegan – I had heard of this but never tried it & it worked perfectly as a substitute in the recipe. My nut roast is one of my signature dishes. Even meat eaters love it. With roasted sweet potatoes & loads of greens I can honestly tell you I’m stuffed.

Rococo Bee Bar - Organic Dark Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Bar

So you might think I was too full for dessert – however, I have two stomachs a savoury & a sweet. It was only my savoury stomach that was on the verge of exploding. An hour after filling my face, my dreaded sweet tooth kicked in. It was time to try something new – Rococo Bee Bar, Organic Dark Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Bar. Earl grey tea & dark chocolate sounds like a pretty odd mix – it wasn’t, it was delicious. I even had with a cup of tea, green not earl grey – earl grey seems a little too fancy for my liking.

I also made my lunch for tomorrow – in fact I made so much that I’ll probably be eating broccoli & spinach soup for the rest of my life. This is probably a good thing. Being vegan means you are missing out on calcium & that is an essential for a healthy diet but easily fixable. Broccoli & spinach are high in calcium ( so turning them into a soup is a great idea. However, I do recommend adding plenty of herbs & spices – depending on what you like to give it that extra kick. Tomorrow I will let you know how it tastes & if it’s sucessful I’ll add it to my recipes – as well as my nut roast.

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