Five – Sweet Tooth Cravings.

The time when I find this challenge hardest is when I’m at work – yesterday, there was the ice cream van. Today, it was someone’s Birthday & traditionally the Birthday person brings in cakes & goodies for everyone to share. Every time I moved away from my desk I had to walk past them – I had no choice – there is no other way for me to get out of the office. I had a look – just in case there was something I could eat. Obviously there wasn’t. I sniffed a few things – people at work know that I do this & I think they’re fine with it… or they just give me judging looks behind my back probably. I love iced buns, carrot cake, cookies, muffins – the muffins were massive & fresh. Just thinking about them now makes my mouth water.

Wheaty Dairy Treats

Instead of the bakery goodies, I tried a Nakd rhubarb & custard bar for my after lunch dessert – purchased last weekend for sweet-tooth-emergencies. I don’t understand how it tastes like rhubarb or custard when the only ingredients in it are dates, cashew nuts & raisins. Nonetheless it was so tasty – better then any of the cakes offered & it killed my sweet craving.

Nakd Bar

Tonight for dinner I tried something a little different. Roasted aubergine & pasta  – Gluten-free of course. It was delicious. I’ll add this to my recipes later – feel free to give it a try & let me know what you think – better yet let me know if there is anything you would add or change.

I have cooked Gluten-free pasta a couple of times, each time it’s gone horribly wrong. Either the pasta I bought was just rubbish or I cooked it like it was normal pasta – turns out Gluten-free pasta needs a little TLC. I found this website very useful ( I know it’s about cooking for children – but I have the mental age of a 12 year old anyway. It also has lots of Gluten-free information, recipes, tips & links.

Aubergine Pasta

If you didn’t realise today is Friday. Work for the week has finished & the best way to celebrate – in my opinion – is a couple of drinks with friends & a little dancing. This week has been pretty hard work. So I’ll probably multiply this by 10 & get really quite drunk & strut some moves. A couple of things I need to remember in my drunken state; No beer, no pina coladas & no 3.30am cheesey chips. Easily achivable – wine me please!

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