Three – Gluten Cravings & Peanut Butter Haters.

Just to let you know guys, I went for another run this morning & no flies were injured – I think the little fly community have spread the word to stay indoors when I’m on the run.  So it’s 6.50am and I’m at the very end of my run – I was knackered & pushing hard when I ran past quite a posh hotel. The smell that suddenly filled my nostrils was ridiculously delicious. They were obviously preparing breakfast & the smell was definitely pastries & breads. In all fairness it made me run quicker to get away from the beautiful aroma & I beat my usual time. All in all maybe it was a good thing. If someone could dress up as a giant pain au chocolat & chase me whenever I’m timing a run I’d really appreciate it.

I quickly got over my craving for Gluten-filled breakfast loveliness, when I whipped up my own breakfast – I ordered a Graze Breakfast box & my choice for today was Forest Berry Porridge with almond milk. If you have never heard of Graze before, I recommend it highly – it’s full of healthy treats & snacks that get delivered straight to your door. You can select options that suit your dietary needs & everything I’ve ever had tastes amazing.

I gave out a few of my Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Brownies at work today – I’m using friends & frolleagues as guinea pigs. I wanted to see if people noticed anything missing & guess what – they didn’t & they went down a treat – lots of good comments. Even the Peanut Butter haters enjoyed them (as if there are people in the world that hate peanut butter, these must be the same kind of people that don’t like dark chocolate & put pineapple on pizza!)

I decided to watch a documentary today – Fat. Sick & Nearly Dead based on Australian Joe Cross, forty one years old, with autoimmune disease & overweight – showing his mission to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Joe realises that medicines & doctors can no longer help him – so he looks into changing his diet. For 6o days he throws out his poor & unhealthy diet turning to a juicer, vegetables & fruit – a Gluten-Free & Vegan way of life. His journey is incredible & inspiring. Towards the end of his challenge, he meets Phil who was in the same position Joe once found himself in. Phil decides to follow in Joe’s footsteps & take up the juice challenge. What surprised me the most about this documentary were the people Joe spoke to along the way – most of which were obese & when Joe asked them how long they expected to live most answered 50/60 years old. My parents are 58 & 62. I can’t imagine not having them around, as to me this is still a young age. Why would these individuals not realise that at the age of 50 they may have children – young adults – that will still need them around as well as a potential 20 to 30 years left to live if they just made healthier life choices… Honestly it blows my mind.Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I had a pretty big lunch today – left over chilli, so dinner tonight was cucumber, carrot & pepper sticks, polenta marinated in cranberry balsamic vinegar & spicy houmous. I love polenta but I can understand that sometimes it can be a bit boring – marinating it in herbs/spices/sauces really livens it up & can make a tasty snack too. Now I’m going to stuff my face with dessert – obviously left over Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Brownies, warmed with dairy-free ice cream. Delicious – I can’t wait.


Tomorrow I’ll be heading out for dinner at a restaurant with a couple of friends. I might be having a gorgeous meal cooked for me or I might just be having a side salad – hold the dressing, I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes.



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