Two – Wheaty Torture, Fly Eating & Brownie Heaven.

This morning I needed to pop into Tesco Express to purchase carrots for lunch to go with my houmous (I know what you’re thinking, carrots & houmous for lunch – total party animal, in fact this is one of my favourite lunches). As I was walking to the checkout, I happened to pass the bakery section – it was 8.15 so everything was being baked fresh – it smelt so good. This time last week, I’d have reached for one of those warm little cushions of loveliness also known as ciabattas & polished that off with my houmousy lunch.

Cleverly, when I got to work, I decided to share my successful Gluten-free trip past the bakery aisle with my frolleague (friend who is also a colleague – just in case you’re not down with the kids like me). Unfortunately this conversation changed to the times I’ve been to France – all the amazing pastries, baguettes & cheeses I have been lucky enough to try. The French know their way around a tasty goat’s cheese & a fresh baguette combination. Feeling pretty low & my stomach moaning, I decided to treat myself to a banana (again – total party animal).

The one good thing about my job is that I work in the middle of nowhere – even if I was tempted to stuff my face with a subway at lunch, I wouldn’t be able to. Instead, I prepare my food the night before & whatever I take is the only thing I can eat that day. My desk draw used to be filled with chocolates as well as pasta & couscous packets just in case I forgot my lunch but this morning I cleared it out – all my forbidden foods were passed over to my frolleague.

I also have a big confession to make. After work I went for a 5K run, about 4K into running the worst thing happened. I’m pretty sure I broke my Vegan challenge, actually I think I broke my Vegetarianism… A fly buzzed straight into my mouth. I obviously spat it out straight away… Nonetheless I’m a fake, a phoney, a fraud! I can only apologise to everyone that has supported me (two days in & I failed) I did consider giving the poor little buzzer mouth to mouth but I’d probably ended up breathing him in again.

As a treat for doing so well in the bakery aisle & my 5K run (let’s all forget about the fly incident, it was his own fault) I thought I’d make myself something special. I researched a few recipes online, took the parts that I liked & ditched the rubbishy bits & threw everything into a bowl. Once mixed & baked I was left with Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Brownies. They were delicious & at no point whilst I was pigging out on them did I think these are missing something – dairy, eggs or flour. My housemate, who is what I like to call a chocolate fiend agreed – obviously because they were made with love.

Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Brownie

Even my little bunny rabbit enjoyed it, she ate all the crumbs & licked the bowl clean.

Bunny & Brownie

I will be uploading this recipe, as I am so proud of it & if anyone fancies giving it a go – do it & please let me know what you think.

Another successful day (don’t think about the fly thing… Crying out loud – stop living in the past!). Experimenting is always fun, especially when it tastes delicious & leftovers for tomorrow.

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