One – The Challenge Begins.

Last night was horrific. 12.30am – I was just about to fall asleep when I was rudely disturbed by a familiar pain. Stomach cramps – I was curled up on the corner of my bed, hunched over like Gollum, not clutching my precious, grasping my stomach & cursing the amount of dairy I’d piled away earlier. I cannot describe how horrible this pain is & I’m honestly not a wuss. I’ve had plenty of drunken injuries & tattoos to know that I can deal with pain, but this is something else & the most annoying thing about it, totally self-inflicted. Lesson learnt.

I have been Vegan & Gluten-free for 19 hours; I feel that’s an accomplishment.

In fact I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve eaten today. Breakfast was 2 Clearspring organic rice cakes, one with raspberry jam & the other with Meridian crunchy hazelnut butter I cannot stress to you enough how good Meridian products are. Lunch was a vegetable tomato medley – kind of like a really chunky soup – homemade of course.

For dinner this evening I had company – a nice surprise text last night ‘Wna head to the running club tomorrow eve? And/or cook me dinner?‘ I went for the latter option. I decided on Vegan Chilli with rice, I even tried a little bit of Vegan cheese – Tofutti mozarellaI consider myself a bit of a cheese fanatic. My favourite cheeses are, in order – goats cheese, camembert & brie. I like mozzarella, not the tastiest, but I’d say it’s the cheese that offers the most fun with it’s messy stringiness. This cheese didn’t melt well, so there was no fun to be had, and it didn’t taste bad. I think next time though I’d opt for just no cheese, but since I have a bag of the stuff I guess I’ll carry on eating it.

My friend is a pretty big meat eater, but he seemed to enjoy what he was served, however I’m pretty sure he’ll eat anything (apart from candied orange, so he tells me). Now it’s time for dessert. Simple fruit salad with vegan ice cream, I have had Swedish Glace Vanilla Non Dairy Frozen Dessert many times, I personally think it’s the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. It is creamy & quite honestly you’d have no idea it was dairy free.

Finally if anyone out there in social media land has any tips, advise or recipes – please do let me know, I’ll appeciate anything you have to say.

All in all today was a success, I’m feeling good about this, very can do. I hope this attitude lasts the next 29 days. Time for dessert, until tomorrow folks.


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