The Last Supper.

Today I am pretty hungover, hanging a ridiculous amount. I am a pretty big drinker; in fact drinking would be something I would find quite hard to give up, not because I’m an alcoholic, it’s the act of drinking more than anything else. Saturday night – work is over, the day has been spent running errands & day time activities with friends, a couple of drinks to loosen up & to dance the night away laughing with those closest is what is needed. Imagine, if you will, what I look like when I type this, last night’s make-up smudged across my face, matted hair & the stench of filth hanging around me, like the smell of wet dog.

Hangover aside, it is also my last day of ‘easy living’ & it’s Sunday – Gods day… if I was religious. Therefore I decided to eat, in fact stuff my face with filth until I explode. Coco pops for breakfast (with almond milk), a lot of doughy pizza – cheesy stuffed crust included, followed by copious amounts of chocolate. Right now, I feel really sick.

Also please take a gander at this ‘The Gluten-Free Diet has two faces’ ( An article discussing if Gluten-free eating is a trend rather than a passing fad, with stories from two females, one who has coeliac disease & the other who chooses a Gluten-free diet.

Truth be told, I am looking forward to tomorrow. In fact, I’m looking forward to this entire challenge in hope that I feel healthy, fresher & a little lighter at the end. I wonder if I’ll still be feeling this positive this time next week. I’ll make sure to let you know.


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