The First Gluten-Free & Vegan Shop.

1am this morning I couldn’t sleep. So I thought I’d use this time wisely & I researched a few books that I’m hoping to read over the next 30 days.

  • Gluten Free: The Begginer’s Guide to Living the Gluten-Free Lifestyle Today – Sarah Hampton
  • Why We Should Go Vegan – Magnus Vinding

That’s very productive of me.

I also realised I only have 2 full days left of eating cheese & bread. Just to let you know I am taking full advantage of this. I’m just inhaling cheese, bread & chocolate constantly.

But enough of the naughty stuff – today I did my first Gluten-free & Vegan shop.

I think I’d pick food shopping over clothes shopping every time… Think about it, when you go clothes shopping you have to go in & out of different shops, in each one you have to get quite close to being naked while others are close by, there are curtains that never quite close properly & to top it all off… that beautiful dress you’ve found, the one that would be perfect for Saturday night, you’ll get so many compliments, makes you look like a giant fudging whale. Food shopping on the other hand, it’s like a treat, fill your trolley with so many goodies that you’ll be treating yourself to over the coming week. I get home & I’m honestly like a child, I want to eat everything, I don’t know what to go for first. I’m guessing this is why I looked like a whale in that pretty little Top Shop number I tried on today.

Back to the point, I got to do three food shops today, I know right? Best day ever for me. I visited Asda’s ‘free-from’ sections, Revital Health Store & Holland & Barrett.

Asda Worcester – what a disappointment. I love Asda, it’s where I do my ‘big shop’. I got all my vegetables, picked up some rice & polenta, made sure to pick up my alcohol for tonight’s escapades & headed over to the ‘free-from’ aisle. I say aisle, I mean a small selection of shelves. There were quite a few gluten-free options & a couple of vegan essentials, however not many of these were combined. In the end, I managed to grab a few things. My highlight of this shop was the Worcester Sauce. I’ve lived in Worcester for 7 years & I have never had Worcestershire sauce, it’s not vegetarian. So I’m pretty excited. You’ll also be glad to hear, I escaped the store without even venturing near the baguettes or cheese sections.

Revital Health Store Worcester – I have never been in this store before. It’s been in The Shire for a couple of years & it was very sucessful. I think I could have eaten about 80% of the stock, which was tempting, but I didn’t. I purchased my first ever tofu & now I just have to find a recipe to throw it into. The staff were helpful & the shop itself was pleasent. I’ll be heading back there again.

Holland & Barrett Worcester – I love Meridian Crunchy Peanut Buttercheck out their website for more amazing products they do If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s £5.99 for a 1KG tub. I can easily get through two a month (again.. why didn’t I look good in that Top Shop dress?) I also bought a couple of different yogurts & chesses to test out.

Everything I purchased today was Gluten-free & vegan.

The first food shop

I would also recommed reading this, ‘Guide To Dairy Free Eating’ ( as it has a few good tips on how to go dairy free in a sensible matter, good substitutes for foods you might miss, as well as a ‘can do’ feel to it.

Tomorrow will be my last dairy & wheaty day. Until then, have a good evening folks!

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