I’m Hana & I’m a Pretty Big Food Pervert.

Where to start…?

I’m Hana & I’m a pretty big food pervert.

Gosh, I’m glad that’s out of the way, could have gotten awkward otherwise.

My favourite thing to do is to sniff food that I know I shouldn’t really have (peanut butter is the best food to sniff). My boss once called me out on this – ‘You love sniffing food, you’re such a food sniffing perv’. I hung my head in shame because I knew it was true. Thing is, my work colleague was eating a biscuit & I really wanted one, but I knew after a heavy weekend of eating & drinking, I should really be good. So like any normal person would – I asked ‘before you eat it can you break it in half so I can smell it’

…I mean what the fudge is that about? Nonetheless she did & I gave it a pretty good sniff. I have other tricks like this, to get around cravings, but I’ll save those cheeky little tips for another time, maybe when you’ve gotten to know me a little better.

On the 21st August 2014 I decided I wanted to challenge myself. I do this a lot & usually in the form of a week long challenge & most times I do it with flying colours. However it’s typically something simple, like no chocolate, biscuits, cakes or coffee. Getting my drift? Usually after the week is over I binge on whatever I have given up & it’s quite pointless, but I like the challenge & the excitement of the reward!

So, let me tell you a little more about myself, maybe that way you’ll understand my choice of challenge & why I have decided to share my experiences. Or maybe you’ll just think I’m a total loon & move on to the next blog, probably about something else equally ridiculous (please don’t!)

I have been vegetarian since I was 17; I’m the ripe old age of 25 now. So that’s 8 whole years. I must say I have had some slip ups along the way, throughout my first 3 years at university I drank a lot of strongbow, turns out strongbow isn’t vegetarian. Little things like this have gotten the better of me, but now I am wiser & it’s not like I ever slipped & fell mouth first into a pile of steak. I have also struggled with my weight: I was stick thin until the age of 10 then BOOM, hello chocolate bars, playstation, nintendo… you get the drift.  Turns out eating crap & only really moving your fingers makes you kind of chubby.

Long story short at age 18 I was 5ft6 & a chunky 15 stone size 16/18. WOWZERS! Being a fresher really piles on the pounds… stones in fact!'Put that cookie down!'

I would like to say I lost my weight through good dieting & exercise, but we’ll save that story for another time. Now, I consider myself to be a healthy yo-yoing weight of 9 stone 3 to 9 stone 6 pounds, size 8, still with a few lumps & bumps here & there.

Present day & back to the subject this blog was intended for. I had a pretty heavy July & an even heavier August, going to Rotterdam & Greenman festival, I have eaten & drank a lot & I’m stuck at 9 stone 6, I can’t seem to say no to chocolate, peanut butter & cake.


My goals for September:

  • Vegan – being Vegan is something I have been toying with for a while. I have an intolerance to milk anyway, straight up milk, if it’s a little bit hidden in cake I’m fine, but why not just go full vegan… or at least try it?
  • Gluten-free – quite a few of my friends are gluten intolerant, so I thought I’d throw it in the mix, see what it’s like to be one of them for a while.

I will be looking into vegan & gluten free documentaries, books, websites, twitter/facebook pages. Rating supermarkets on their ‘free-from’ aisles, checking out health stores, finding & creating exciting new recipes, as well as challenging my friends to cook for me.

By September 30th I will have been Gluten free & vegan for 30 days. Who knows, a little trimmer around the midriff & thigh area.

Tomorrow I have planned an exciting food shop to see what I can get my hands on & cry in the cheese aisle, while security drag me out as I stuff my face with baguettes.

All preparation for Monday – I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Good Luck on your journey! If you need any tips or adivce, come and give me a message! If you do it correctly you won’t be ill, you will have so many benifits and feel so good!
    I love your blog so far, so have nominated you for a liebster award. Take a look at my homepage and there’s a link there for more info.
    It’s just a questions/answer thing, but would love to know a bit more about you!


    1. Thank you for wishing me luck & the great offer, I will take you up on that at some point.
      I’m feeling better already.
      Thank you also for the nomination, I will answer the questions 🙂 xx


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